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How to prepare your Beautiful Baby

*Best to book your Newborn Session as early as possible. 

*We aim to book for mothers due date, this is ideal.

           (I leave room to make adjustments to schedule)

*Please call on the birth day or day after to confirm our session date

*Age 5-10 days perferred, more likely for womb like curled position (Please Book within first two weeks)

*Session is approximatley 2-4 hrs in studio.

*Boys and circumcision-Please schedule 5days after procedure

*Please dress baby in a zip up or snap outfit to studio. Nothing that goes over the head, something easy to remove and not wake your baby.

*Studio Room Temp is 82-85 deg. to keep baby warm and comfortable.

*Parents may also want to dress in layers.

*Please bring a soother or pacifier, extra receiving blankets, and extra diapers.

*Plan to feed your baby within 30min or so of arriving at the studio.

*A warm bath before session can help sooth and relax your little one.

*Please leave the diaper just slightly looser before leaving for session, few less diaper lines.

*Please bring yourself a snack an drinks as the session can take a few hrs.

*My Goal is to keep your baby, warm, happy and comfortable.

*Memories to last forever...

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